Monday 22 Jul, 2024

Tanzimul Ummah Foundation
Admission Form

Class (admission sought for): Academic year:
1. Name of the student:
Date of birth: Nationality:
Father's name: Profession:
Mother's name: Profession:
2.Address: a. Present address:
Mobile: Tel:
b. Permanent address: Vill: PO:
P.S.: District:
3.School/Madrasah: Name:
Last class attended: Address:
4.Guardian's declare with consciousness to abide by all rules and regulations of this institute and to pay all its dues in time.

Guardian's signature & date

5. Student's oath: I promise in this regard-
* To abide by all rules and regulations of this institute.
* To implement daily routine work.

Student's signature & date

6. Name of the local guardian: Address:
Relation: Tel:
7.Person who will take the students home or call on them in the campus/hostel:
Name: Address:
Relation: Tel:

For official use only
Date of admission test: Result: written Oral
Recommender's signature for the class: Residential Non-Residential

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Principal signature & date